What or who is a BirthKeeper? 

BirthKeepers support women to birth fully autonomously!  Legally, we can’t do any medical procedures, but that’s ok because birth ISNT a medical even its a naturally occurring physiological process.

Autonomous birthing means no intervention of any kind, this can be occasionally nearly painless or ecstatic, with the maximum amount of bonding involved between your family and you and your baby. And yes, it’s even possible in the hospital with the right doula. (Although I am personally not an advocate of hospital birth because they often create traumatic experiences) 
Why should you hire a BirthKeeper? Imagine you wake up in the morning on the most vulnerable day of your life, who’s the first person you call? Your husband is there and your children are there, but there is a missing piece. A lot of people ask me what I do and it’s hard to describe. I don’t deliver babies; I don’t even do anything medical. I show up for you on the most vulnerable day of your life and I support you as you cry, and scream and groan and I take care of you and your family. I do it with a smile on my face because it is my absolute joy. I drop everything I’m doing in rush to your side and I don’t leave until I know that you are no longer vulnerable, that you are taken care of, that you are nourished that you have been loved and that you have been given the space to love. I mother the mothers on their most vulnerable day.

Thank you to my clients that wanted to be featured on this page.

“How do you feel I held space for you?” -Briella


” 1) You believe the same God created all women to be capable of home and free birth.
  2) You met me exactly where I was for all my elected prenatal care and throughout labor.
  3) You trust yourself and me so I could surrender into that as well with no concerns for safety, because I am the one who makes my birth safe. 
  4) You added NOTHING to the space as you held it. You are a witness to perfect birth and that’s why it went that way. “

“Oh I wanted to say this about birth keepers… I feel like women in my shoes mostly want a companion to walk through it with. I was looking for a sister to call on; Yes with questions about pregnancy and birth! More than that though, MOSTLY TO HOLD SPACE. I didn’t really understand what that meant until after having Ada. You helped equip me with my own knowledge to feel confident in my own birth so that; yes I definitely wanted you there, but I was not fearful of birthing on my own!!! That confidence came from knowledge but also from you. Prior births I would not have been able to do it solo, I didn’t even know that was a possibility.” 

“You quickly changed from birth keeper to one of my sweetest friends. You were always available and always willing to answer anything I needed regarding my pregnancy. You went above and beyond to travel over an hour to my home to check on me and bring me items related to pregnancy and labor. 
Unfortunately, my labor and delivery plans came to a halt and resulted in an emergency c-section. You never once left my emotional and physical side throughout that… continually praying, calling and lending a shoulder to cry on. You brought me meals, helped watch my kids, organize groceries, ALL with an insane amount of grace and joy. You even traveled again an hour to pick up my placenta and process it for me! 
I’m truly so thankful for everything you have done for our family and continue to do. You are making such a difference in the world of body autonomy and making sure our voice is truly heard.”